Ten Fun Things To Do For Your Birthday Near Chicago

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! Thanks Joey for the wonderful birthday vacation!
1. Take Lots of Pictures of The Bean at Millenium Park. Best photo op ever. Except  skeptics may think my brilliant Bean photos are simply photoshop filters.
2. College Football Hall of Fame. Simple, but nicely done. Be sure to eat at South Bend Chocolate Company Chocolate Cafe next door. But hurry... I hear the CFB HOF will be moving to Atlanta soon.
3. Dinner at Joe's. Local steak with lobster imported from Miami where this restaurant started. Excellent crab bisque and key lime pie too.
4. Walk Along Lake Lake Michigan. You'd think I could follow the water without getting lost under bridges downtown. Sorry, Joey!
5. Eat Lou Malnati's Pizza. The guy at the next table says it's better than Gino's East. Try the dessert cookie too.
6. Tour The Jelly Belly Factory. Be careful sizing your mandatory factory hat so it doesn't fly off during the tour like Joey's did.

Did you know imperfect jelly beans are called Jelly Flops and sold at discount?

7. Lay Along The Sandy Indiana Dunes Beaches. Maybe not as pretty as the Oregon Coast, but much warmer. You can see the Chicago skyline on a clear day.

8. Dinner at Roy's. Not sure what Hawaian food has to do with Chicago, but I never miss a chance to eat here.
9. Wrigley Field. Okay, so we didn't make it to a Cubs game this time. But We did share a Harry Caray dog at his restaurant at the Navy Pier.

10. Eat at The Brat Stop. And you too and say you've been to Wisconsin. Be sure to order something with cheese!
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I had a wonderful trip - it was fun walking around and getting a little lost. We should do it again sometime and try Gino's East.
-Joey Froehlich (Jun 26 2011 at 11:17 AM)
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